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Pull me down deep for although I have stopped breathing, I don't feel that I have been punished enough


its 2014 and still no fanfic could top this one



when i was 14, i proposed to this girl in my class and she said yes but our parents said we were too young to get married so we tried to do it in secret and one of my friends found this shady guy to marry us but then the girl broke up with me when she transferred schools and we never got the marriage annulled but i don’t even know if it was official in the first place so long story short, i think i might be married. 

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You are not weak.

You are not weak if you call her back;
if you wish she had stayed;
if you spend every night
staring at the ceiling
watching the projection of a movie in your mind
about how things should’ve turned out;
if you stop answering your phone calls;
if you don’t text back;
if you yell at your mother;
if you don’t shower for six days;
if you stop believing in a god;
if you cling to your younger brother on a stormy night;
if you forget to walk your dog;
if you don’t wash your clothes;
if you spend all day
watching Lifetime and blogging
in your underwear;
if you get a C;
if you miss her;
if you cancel plans;
if you’re late for a date;
if you skip class today;
if you skip work today;
if you skip life today;
if you don’t understand the news;
if you only read one poem
every day
for a very long time;
if you never get over her;
if you date someone
simply for the sake of dating them;
if you gain 13 pounds;
if you cry
and cry
and cry
until you’ve cried all the bad out;
if you pee in the bathtub;
if you give up.

You are not weak.

Repeat after me:
I am not weak.
I am slow and broken and healing.
But I am not weak.
Not today.